Dennis' guesthouse, bar and restaurant are situated on the hill above Saline Bay,  Mayreau,a three minutes walk to the nearest beach.Dennis Hideaway, Mayreau, Grenadines

Rooms:the five rooms each have a private bathroom with toilet and shower, arefurnished with twin beds and have a  private balcony overlooking SalineBay, a wonderful sunset view! 

The bar/restauranton the premises features gourmet Caribbean cooking, specializing in seafood. Trythe catch of the day after you enjoyed  a tropicalfantasy cocktail in the sea view bar!

Extras:Dennis' yacht "Georgia". Would you like to see the TobagoCays, Mopion, Petit St. Vincent or Palm Island but still enjoy your comfortableroom? Take a daytrip sailing and visiting a fewGeorgia sailing in the Tobago Caysof these nearby islands, lunch and drinks are on board, and return in theevening to the guesthouse. All of these islands are within 6 miles distance ofMayreau, so even for non-sailors this is the place to be to explore them!

Dennis, thecaptain with 35 years of sailing experience who knows every cove and reef in theGrenadines will be your guide on this fun filled trip.

The yacht is a44 feet long Irwin sloop. She has three cabins each with its ownbathroom/shower, a deck shower, bimini, and comes with a 10 feet hard bottomdinghy with a 25 horsepower outboard. Book a daytrip through our site and get 10%discount from the normal rate! Longer trips with Georgia are also available onrequest.

Diving can bearranged through Grenadines Dive on Union Island, they'll be happy to pick youup from Mayreau to explore the underwater worldof the Southern Grenadines.

Last but notleast: We have to mention that from the top of the hill at the church inMayreau you have the most breathtaking view over St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

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From 35$ per person per day for the room and 70$ per person per day for the sailing trip! Click here for detailed rates

Please send us an e-mail for more information about availability and rates


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