The most frequentlyasked questions planning a vacation to the Grenadines:

(this page is continuouslybeing updated as frequent questions come in, if your question is not answered below please contactus and we'll be happy to answer any additional questions you have.)

How do I get here?

By far the most convenient way is to fly to Barbados (BGI) or St. Lucia (UVF), from there take the onehour flight to Bequia. Rate per personincluding taxes for a one way trip is $170 from Barbados and  .
Or, (slightly cheaper), you can fly toSt.Vincent from Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua or Puerto Rico.
From St. Vincent take theferry (1 hour) to Bequia, or you  have your private yacht meet you in St. Vincent to start your Grenadines sailing cruise.

What to do and where to stay:

Once you are in the Grenadines, we would recommend that you stay at leastfour days in Bequia, where you'll find nice boutiques,bars/restaurants, excellent diving, great views, lovelybeaches... Prices for Villa rental and hotelaccommodations in Bequia range from $30-250 per person per night.

After that we advise you to take a leisurely cruise through the rest of theGrenadines on one of our listed yachts.The best way to do this is to board the yacht in Bequia, take at least fournights on the yacht and disembark in Union Island. This way you get to see themost of the Grenadines. You have made it this far, now you really can't miss theopportunity to visit the Tobago Cays, Mayreau, PSV,Union Island.

Willmy mobile phone work in Bequia and the Grenadines?

Yes, it most probably willwork. St. Vincent and the Grenadines feature 2 cellular networks: Cable andwireless (now Lime), and Digicel. Both are GSM. Both companies provide GPRS service. To be 100% sure please contact yourmobile service provider, ask if you have roaming in your plan. Alternatively, you can purchase a local prepaid SIM card, roaming charges from providers such as At&T and Verizon can be pretty steep.

Yacht Charters

Does a yacht charter have tobe a full week?

Not at all, a yacht charter canbe only two days if you want!

When and where does a yachtcharter start?

A yacht charter can start anyday of the week anywhere in the Grenadines. However, if you don't have a fullweek we do recommend taking a one way trip South from St. Vincent or Bequia toUnion Island or Canouan. From Union Island and Canouan it is easy to fly back to Barbados or St. Lucia to catch yourflight back home. There are also very affordable shuttle flights to St. Vincent.

Is the itinerary fixed?

No, when you charter the yachtit is yours, weather permitting! If you like a place a lot, you can choose to stay there as long asyou like. One of the most popular spots is the TobagoCays, only accessible by boat; many people spend more than one night there.

Will there be other peopleon the boat?

No, when you book the yacht itis yours for the duration of the trip, so it will be you and your family plus the crew.

Howmuch will the additional charges on a yacht charter be?

At the moment there areobligatory mooring fees in Mustique of $80 per night, in St. Vincent of $20 pernight, in St. Lucia Pitons of $25 per night. For years now there has been talkof implementing a fee for the Tobago Cays, so far this has not materialized.
Clearance fees are applicable if you leave one country and enter another one.Current entry fees are:  In St. Lucia $30, St. Vincent $2 per person perday, and Grenada $50.
Bar and Gratuities are not included in the charter price, bar prices are veryreasonable and gratuities are at your discretion.


Whatwill the weather be like? The weather is beautiful! However, aswe get a lot of questions about the weather, especially in the hurricane season,we have dedicated a full page to the weather. Please clickhere to get informed on current weather conditions, a truthful descriptionof the hurricane/rainy season, and a general overview of the weather in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

We'll be happy to answer anyadditional questions you might have, that is what we arehere for!

 Click here for current weather in the CaribbeanClickhere for weather updates 1st June-1st December


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