The islands of the Grenadines

The Grenadines consist of numerous islands, cays, rocks and reefs. All of them have names. They belong to two countries: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada.
The distance between Saint Vincent “mainland” capital Kingstown and the island of Grenada’s capital Saint George’s is only 85 miles miles. In between are are many beautiful, charming islands. Because of this the Grenadines are a perfect destination for a sailing trip visiting most of them.

Where are we:

The Grenadines are located in the far Eastern Caribbean Sea, they actually are the Southern part of the separation between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Therefore you may find exhilarating sails between the islands where you meet the ocean waves!
In the lee of the islands you are in the famous calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea. This is clearly visible in the Tobago Cays, where you anchor behind the reef with Sail Rock and Africa to your East!
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The Grenadines are not as easy to get to as the rest of the Caribbean. So they are a truly unspoiled island destination.

How to get here:

By far the easiest way if you are in the USA or Canada is to fly direct from Miami, New York and Toronto to “mainland” Saint Vincent (airportcode SVD). Airlines are American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Air Canada, and Sunwing.
Nearby airports are Barbados (BGI), Grenada, (GND), Saint Lucia (UVF is the big one, SLU is the smaller one for interisland flights) Trinidad (POS) and Martinique (FDF). From there you take LIAT, the Caribbean Air alliance or private planes to the Grenadines.
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Which Island do you like best?

This is a question we get a lot. And the answer is they are all different. Which is why a yacht charter is the perfect way to find out for your self! If you really don’t feel like sailing I would say Bequia is the best, as it has a bit of everything. There fore it is a good place to spend a few day prior to your sailing trip.
Canouan has a luxury marina.
Mayreau has the best beaches and the picture perfect Saltwhistle Bay anchorage.
The Tobago Cays have by far the best snorkeling and the colors of the water are amazing.
Union Island has the most lively atmosphere and the best bars.
PSV is like a little park in a turquoise sea, very photogenic.
PM is the Caribbean how it was 50 years ago.
Carriacou has the most rumshops and is super laid back.

Come discover the Grenadines!

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