Schooner Calliope

The Yacht:

An extremely comfortable 60 feet long fast and reliable Ocean schooner. Her wide flush deck and spacious cockpit offer plenty of room for relaxing and entertaining while sailing or at anchor.Calliope sailing Bequia
Calliope of Arne exceeds Lloyd’s specifications  regarding the special requirements for the purpose of charter sailing. She is very stable, safe and solid.
The cockpit is large and comfortable, easily seats 8. It is shaded by a bimini. I case of rain dining would be in the spacious saloon.
Calliope has a huge amount of deck space for sunbathing.


Calliope  has four comfortable double staterooms and two guest bathrooms. There are large overhead hatches and fans so they are well ventilated.
Crew has separate cabin/bathroom.


Your hosts Captain Fernando and his first mate take great pleasure in welcoming you aboard Calliope of Arne. Fernando and his mate are dedicated and professional hosts who will guide and entertain you in a friendly and elegant style.

Calliope crew pretending he caught a big fishFernando, originally from St.Lucia crewed on yachts for 18 years in the Mediterranean and Caribbean where he became well known for his cooking expertise.
He had a reputation as the best charter boat chef throughout the Caribbean for several years so much so that charter boat guests followed him from boat to boat in pursuit of his culinary delights. Fernando has also owned 2 restaurants and has written several cook books with Caribbean and vegetarian recipes.

Now he changed tack with his own yacht Calliope and cooks by special request only.
Like all professional cooks, Fernando can pleasantly surprise his guests in a tasteful manner. From Calliope’s well equipped galley, Fernando can thrill and delight you with the tastes and aroma of exquisite Caribbean cooking.

Special Itinerary:

Calliope is based in St. Lucia. Therefore, this is an ideal opportunity to take a one way South sailing vacation through the Grenadines from St. Lucia. So no need to start with an inter island flight or ferry to meet the yacht!
Rate is “bed and breakfast”, 1 captains lunch and 1 captains dinner per week.
However, more Lunches and dinners can be prepared by Fernando at an additional charge.
Additional lunches are $15 per person, dinners $25 per person.

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$4000/2 $6000/4 $7200/6 $8000/8

Please contact us for detailed rates and availability.



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